Secret White House Tapes

Meeting with Clarence M. Malone—April 7, 1950 (part 2)

About this recording

  • Clarence M. Malone
April 7, 1950
Eisenhower and Malone continue to discuss Mr. Simmons. Eisenhower says "the
newspaper people again are going to be standing on my doorstep, what have you got to
say about Mr. Simmons? Well, now, I think, I met Mr. Simmons once, I think, at St.
Louis, I believe I did and had a little talk with him."
Much of the recording is difficult to understand. The conversation returns to
Eisenhower's brother Milton. DDE mentions that Milton had written a magazine article
for Town and Country in which "he claimed that the soil conservation programs of the
government were lousy but we didn't get more than ten cents worth of good out of every
dollar spent, he said they were terrible begins with conversation already in progress."
A discuss of water conservation issues follow in which Eisenhower and Malone talk
about big dams especially those on the Colorado River. This portion of the recording
ends with Eisenhower again suggesting his brother Milton as an excellent speaker on
conservation issues . Eisenhower says "he's always got more material in his head than is
necessary to get up and make a talk."