Sidney Milkis

White Burkett Miller Professor of Governance and Foreign Affairs

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Areas Of Expertise

  • Social Issues
  • Governance
  • Elections
  • Founding and Shaping of the Nation
  • Political Parties and Movements
  • Politics
  • The Presidency

Sidney M. Milkis is the White Burkett Miller Professor of Governance and Foreign Affairs and a professor of politics. His research focuses on the American presidency, political parties and elections, social movements, and American political development. In addition to teaching undergraduate and graduate students, he regularly gives public lectures on American politics and participates in programs for international scholars and high school teachers that probe the deep historical roots of contemporary developments in the United States. 

Milkis earned a BA degree from Muhlenberg College and a PhD in political science from the University of Pennsylvania.

Sidney Milkis News Feed

Three leading experts on American presidents—Sidney Milkis and Barbara Perry of the University of Virginia’s Miller Center, and Stephen Knott of Ashland University—warn about the increasingly demagogic nature of the presidency.
Barbara Perry, Sidney Milkis National Constitution Center
Leading up to the Miller Center’s 50th anniversary in 2025, this conference shares new ideas and best practices to support a more responsible and effective presidency.
Miller Center Presents
The office of the presidency itself has become a polarizing institution, write Sidney Milkis and Rachel Augustine Potter.
Sidney Milkis and Rachel Augustine Potter
Join Judy Woodruff, PBS NewsHour senior correspondent and former anchor and managing editor, to explore a debate present at America's founding that still permeates our political, economic, and social life—can democracy and capitalism coexist? Jamelle Bouie, New York Times columnist and political analyst for CBS News; Sidney Milkis, the White Burkett Miller Professor of Governance and Foreign Affairs at the University of Virginia; and Scott C. Miller, economic historian and research fellow for the Miller Center's Project on Democracy and Capitalism, examine the relationship between free markets and a free society—and how to balance the freedom and the well-being of American citizens.
Sidney Milkis Miller Center Presents
Sidney Milkis, the White Burkett Miller professor in the department of politics and faculty fellow at the Miller Center, joins BRI fellow, Tony Williams, to discuss Milkis's book "What happened to the vital center?: presidentialism, populist revolt, and the fracturing of America."
Sidney Milkis Bill of Rights Institute
Nearly 250 years ago, America's founders declared that everyone has "unalienable rights." What those rights are has been debated ever since. As the Supreme Court weighs the future of abortion rights the nation's divide has come into sharper focus, as growing political polarization plays out in the midterms. University of Virginia politics professor Sidney Milkis joins Judy Woodruff to discuss.
Sidney Milkis PBS NewsHour