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Stephen Engelberg, Vera Bergengruen

Hosted by Douglas Blackmon

These are challenging times for journalists. President Trump and others political figures critique reporters relentlessly. Partisan media organizations attack each other. The public’s confidence in the media is low. And yet one of the reasons for the hostility may be that journalists are raising serious questions about the president’s past business dealings and have pointed out sharp contradictions between his promises to “drain the swamp” and his actions in office. Our guests this week are two journalists who have been in the thick of those revelations, Vera Bergengruen is a national security correspondent for BuzzFeed News and previously covered the Pentagon, the White House and the 2016 election for McClatchy Newspapers, where she was part of team a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative team. Stephen Engelberg is the editor in chief of the groundbreaking non-profit journalism project, ProPublica. Previously he worked eighteen years at the New York Times and was a managing editor of The Oregonian in Portland.

The Presidency

The President and the Press

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